Cosmopolitan is the key word.Bloom's chairman ,Steve Bloom,was born in Antwerp,Belgium.he continues the family tradition and is third generation in the diamond and jewelry industry. Indeed Steve's grandfather started the business in the early 1900'.His dad continued the tradition.Today Steve Bloom and his son Daniel manage the company.

Steve graduated at Bar Ilan university in business administration.While studying he also learned to polish and cleave diamonds.He also took a special course in diamond grading. Later, Steve moved to London for an intensive training, for a period of three years in all aspects of jewelry manufacturing and retailing.During this period Steve moved through all the different departments of manufactering jewelry like gold buying, gold alloying, model making, mold preparation, gold casting, stone assortment, stone setting, jewelry finishing and finally jewelry pricing.Some time was also spent in the retail shop to become familiar with the end user's requirements.

Now to a new continent,exotic South America,specifically Caracas ,Venezuela.In Caracas Steve managed the jewelry operation of the family owned business.this actually gave Steve a lot of experience in the wholesaling field.Great experience was also aquired in importing finished and semi-finished jewelry from different countries.Then,Steve spent a few more years in Venezuela manufactering jewelry locally, for resale through sales representatives in South America.It is in Caracas that both his sons,Claude and Daniel were born.

After having moved around the world Steve finally settled in Israel.all those years of experience gave Steve the opportunity to learn different languages and today is fluent in ten of them.For the last quarter century Ramat Gan is the headquarters of the jewelry section.Steve proudly says:"I am grateful to my family to have given me the opportunity to join them in the exciting field of diamonds and jewelry.I am also thankful to my parents to have backed me while studying at university,where i got the theoretical side of my education and for sending me to england where i experienced the practical side of the trade."


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