The company is trading under the Bloom brand for the last few years.the Israeli branch was established in Israel in 1985 under the supergem s.b ltd name. however young this company may appear,it is not so...

In fact the origins date back to the years just after world war II,when great-grandfather Moshe Bloom established a diamond office in Antwerp, Belgium.The original family name was Blumencranc but trading started as Bloom.At that same time it is grandfather theo Bloom who established 'Bloom diamonds'in Antwerp.

The main activity was the import of rough diamonds from the sister company located in Venezuela.some stone polishing was done in Venezuela,New york and Belgium.

Soon the Bloom brand was importing,polishing and distribuiting rough as well as polished diamonds on a world wide scale.

In 1985 steve Bloom moved to Israel to establish the Israeli branch and soon switched from solely dealing in diamonds to jewelry designing, manufactering and marketing.

Then in the early 2000 the fourth generation, Claude Bloom joined the company.Claude developped some new lines, just to mention one: the puzzle collection.

Later the youngest Bloom family member Daniel, joined the Bloom clan to handle the sales department in israel.

Today Steve Bloom oversees the worldwide distribution of the Bloom production, whereas Daniel Bloom takes care of the local Israeli market.

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